Multiple Sclerosis Life Expectancy: All You Need To Know

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If you are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the first question you may ask is “Is this going to shorten my life expectancy?” You really can’t help but wonder if the disease is fatal and how long you can live with having this disease. Fortunately multiple sclerosis is not fatal and does not cause death to those who develop it. However it can greatly affect the quality of life for those who suffer from this disease if it is left untreated. Multiple sclerosis life expectancy is said to be only slightly lower than the expectancy for those who live without the disease. The exact life expectancy for MS sufferers is not entirely known but is may be reduced by 5 to 10 years if severe and left untreated, or could be reduced by as low to only 2 to 3 years if treatments are administered correctly and at an early stage. Life expectancy in regard to MS is not completely understood but it is believed that it is usually the same or near to the same as general life expectancy when symptoms are not severe. So the sooner MS is detected and treated, the better the expected outcome.

There are several treatment options available for MS patients, and the choices made can greatly affect quality of life. For example, many doctors feel there are no options for improving MS, and will prescribe drugs to treat symptoms. However many of these drugs have side effects that cause problems of their own. So you may be happy to hear that MS can be both prevented and treated with natural therapies. These can be used safely and effectively without side effects, so even without looking at the impact that natural remedies and drugs have on life expectancy it has been shown that natural therapies have a positive benefit upon quality of life, and this is certainly necessary regardless of quantity!

Detecting symptoms of multiple sclerosis at an early stage is important for increasing the life expectancy of people with this disease. When you have multiple sclerosis, this causes damage to the central nervous system, which comprises the brain and the spinal cord. You will become prone to inflammation and infection when this disease is present in your body. Particular areas that are prone to infection are the chest and the bladder. Based on studies, two thirds of all the people with multiple sclerosis develop these types of infection, which increase the risk of death due to complications. It is beneficial to not only use natural therapies to improve the outcome of multiple sclerosis, but also to improve immunity and treat, or ideally prevent infections. If the disease is diagnosed early chest or bladder infections can be prevented and life expectancy will be extended.

As the multiple sclerosis life expectancy is not very alarming, controlling and minimising the disease’s symptoms is absolutely necessary to improve your quality of life, and this should be of major concern in regard to treatment. When you have multiple sclerosis many extreme symptoms are likely to be experienced, including balance problems, coordination problems and vision problems. The nerve cells are the main carrier of messages traveling from the brain, to be distributed to the different parts of the body. When damage occurs as seen in MS this disrupts messages between the brain and other parts of the body, which impacts upon co-ordination. Correct reception of these messages is very important in your daily activities as it helps you think clearly, respond to impulses appropriately and to speak correctly. As MS progresses and damage continues to occur, more extreme symptoms develop. One of the most common conditions people with multiple sclerosis suffer from is problem with their vision. Many patients lose sight in one of their eyes or develop double or blurred vision.

In some cases, patients with MS aren’t able to continue living a normal life as they completely lose their ability to walk and stand without support. Physical therapies are considered to be beneficial and are undertaken to correct this condition as far as possible and to regain control of balance. Difficulty concentrating and short term memory loss is also common for people with MS so they will no longer be as efficient as they used to be in their work. Unfortunately many MS patients need to stop working, cut back or change jobs due to this condition. Brain games such as crossword puzzles and playing Sudoku can help stimulate the brain again, which can be beneficial for receiving and recognising stimuli.

If the diagnosis of MS is delayed, multiple sclerosis life expectancy may decrease as the disease progresses further. The purpose of diagnosing multiple sclerosis at an early stage is to hopefully prevent certain complications from occurring and allow the most appropriate form of treatment to manage and control symptoms, thereby improving quality of life. The problem with detecting multiple sclerosis is that its symptoms can be confusing, as many symptoms mimic or can be mistaken for other diseases. Generally the early symptoms of the disease can be extremely subtle and are not considered significant by the patient and are therefore not reported. Most symptoms appear during the severe stages of the disease, known as flare-ups, which occur once MS has progressed.

Multiple sclerosis life expectancy will also depend on how the person with MS handles the disease. With or without the said symptoms it is really recommended to take care of your health as much as possible. Having a balanced diet accompanied by regular exercise goes a long way toward improving overall health and reducing stress and symptoms. With the correct approach the progression and symptoms of MS can hopefully be minimised and have less impact upon an individuals life. Avoiding certain stressors that may contribute to this disease such as smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of sleep and overworking also make a huge difference. Living a healthy life can make a very big difference in a multiple sclerosis life expectancy, and while making some big lifestyle changes may seem overwhelming, the benefit they provide is certainly worthwhile.

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