5 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Can Prevent Multiple Sclerosis

Posted on 21. Feb, 2013 by in MS Treatment

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an auto immune disease in which the communication between the body’s various parts and the brain is disrupted. There are several factors that can trigger multiple sclerosis including genetic susceptibility, viruses, geographical conditions, and diet. However, the exact cause of multiple sclerosis has not been identified yet. However, the good news is that multiple sclerosis prevention is possible with certain simple lifestyle changes.

Here are some tips on how to prevent multiple sclerosis:

Optimum Level of Vitamin D
Northern-latitude countries have a higher prevalence of multiple sclerosis; one of the causes of this is vitamin D deficiency. Regular sun exposure is the best source of Vitamin D. Alternative dietary sources include fatty fish (like salmon) and fortified milk

Herbal Remedies
Certain herbs detoxify the body and calming the central nervous system, which in turn helps in the prevention for multiple sclerosis. St. John’s wort, lobelia, alfalfa, red clover, valerian root, Ginkgo biloba, cordyceps, echinacea, and dandelion are some of the herbs that can be used in prevention of MS. Herbal supplements do not have any side effects and can also be used with allopathic medication.

Scientific studies indicate that teenagers who are obese are more likely to develop multiple sclerosis. Regular exercise can ensure that you have a healthy body weight and are physically fit.

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise since it strengthens both the muscular and neural system; the breathing exercises that are an integral part of yoga, calm the nervous system. A healthy nervous system will reduce the likelihood of your developing MS.

Avoid Smoking
People who have come in contact with the Epstein Barr virus (which is very commonly found) have antibodies against this virus. When such people smoke, they are at a much higher risk of MS. So for preventing multiple sclerosis make sure that you avoid harmful habits like smoking.

Have a Low Saturated Fat Diet
Certain studies have found that places with a high rate of MS have a cuisine that comprises ingredients with excess saturated fat. Many physicians believe that a high saturated fat diet can trigger MS. Try and avoid processed food and replace butter with olive oil. Often, dairy products can also contain excess fat.

These preventive factors are simple and cost effective; however you need to incorporate these changes into your lifestyle on a regular basis.

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